Sunday, May 25, 2008

Only In Singapore

Scene Location: Orchard

Numerous people were walking in two different locations. Crowded sidewalk.

Suddenly, in a patch of space in the middle of the sidewalk, there it was. A container full of coins and paper money. And no one was watching it. It just sits there in the middle of the sidewalk with a sign and a few items (possibly on sale) around. Oh yes. Only in Singapore can this happen.

Do something similar in the Philippines or other countries and you're guaranteed to lose the money and maybe the items for sale and the container too.

What's funny is that people don't even bother and take for granted that these things will not be stolen. I wonder what will happen if some lost soul indeed decide to take the money. Ha ha. It will probably not cause much ruckus because people here will not care or help. They just can't be bothered.

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Lizzz said...

A family member who visited us last March once left his wallet in the taxi. All his cash, credit cards, IDs were there.

We managed to get it back in no time.

Safety is what I like most here in Singapore. I guess majority of the people here are just afraid to do something "unlawful" because of caning. Lol

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