Monday, May 26, 2008

Las Vegas

image from yahoo tv

I watched this TV series in reverse chronological order. From Season four, then three then two. Ha ha.

It was a TV series that I never want to rent out because I figured it's just one of those where the focus is on the beautiful girls of the casts and not much else. But boy, was I wrong by a mile.

The characters are really lovable, each and every one of them. Well, okay, I am not much of a fan of Mary who was depicted as the sweetest person in the planet. I sometimes wanna vomit whenever she practices her tweety tums character.

Okay, I digress. The TV series revolves around the Montecito, a fake Las Vegas casino and the different people who manages and runs the casino. Most of the time, an episode would be filled with funny scenes and you can't help but guffaw because of it.

My favorite character is Delinda Deline. The genius daughter who can sometimes be crazy or clueless. She is one funny character and I love her.

It is sad to learn though that Season 5 is the last of this great TV series. James Caan, who plays Ed Deline, the operations manager in the casino, left Season 5 to pursue other aspects of his acting career. I am not sure if the series got axed because of his leaving as I have yet to watch the next season. But I'm sure it's part of it. He is perfect as Ed Deline.

Anyhow, do watch this TV series and you find out for yourself why I love the show. You just might end up being a fan.

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