Monday, May 19, 2008

I Ain't A Fairy But I am A Godmother

One of my godsons is here on a short visit with his parents. Weird how I say that when he's actually just a year old. Ha ha. It's not like he can visit on his own. Duh!

Anyhow, I enjoy going around with them although it can be very tiring. On their first day, Friday, we went to Suntec, Esplanade and Merlion. Saturday was at ECP for the birthday party of my niece Althea. Sunday was at Sentosa where we spent the day going around Siloso beach. So is it a wonder that I am soooo tired? And Monday, being a holiday, means we might go somewhere again where a lot of walking will be involved.

But it's great because I have a chance to shoot pictures with my old Nikon D70. I know I said I wanted to get a new camera but I realize I've got a great camera especially when I see the pictures it can take. I just plan to get a new lens as the 24-85 lens is no longer enough. My Chinese friend has given me advise on where I can buy 2nd hand lenses as it'll allow me to save almost 30 - 50% of the price of a new lens.

Here's a picture of me and my godson Baste (his real name is Sebastian Iago). He's just so adorable as he makes different sorts of faces. All these he learned from his father and his cousins. Go figure.

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