Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Discount Strategy

Every now and then I would receive an email from Borders for discount vouchers. It comes probably every two months or so. It makes one wonder if we are being overcharged for the price of the books since the discount usually comes to 30%. An additional 10% is given for a Border's card member. But if you go around the other book shops in Singapore, the books are priced the same, give or take a few cents.

But I think it is a very good strategy. Because those who would be reluctant about buying an extremely expensive book would not think twice about buying the same book with the lure of the 30% discount. So gullible buyers like me end up buying so many books every time. Not that I manage to read them in between vouchers. I just stock them as I keep on thinking I might not be able to buy the same book again on discount.

You would think Borders might be losing money. But I don't think they would continue with the voucher strategy unless they are earning money. With the number of people I see in Borders every time the voucher is available, it is definitely getting people to visit the store more often.

I do love the discount as it brings a reader like me a chance to get all the books that my warm heart wants. So really, I am not complaining. =)

If you are in Singapore, click here for a 30% voucher for books and 30% voucher for DVD boxed set. It is valid until May 15.


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