Saturday, April 12, 2008

What The !?!?

I was so irked yesterday morning with an Auntie at the MRT. Here I was sick and red-nosed and trying my best to avoid infecting others by regularly covering my nose and mouth so I don't spray the germs if I sneeze or cough. As I have a runny nose, I had to blow my nose every now and then inside the MRT train. The Auntie beside gave me a dreaded look like I suddenly sprung two heads. Then she moved away from me and not even doing it discreetly. What a b*tch.

I was thinking of leaning closer intentionally but I changed my mind because I don't want to stoop to her level. Ha ha.

I woke up with a fever but I am now feeling a bit better but still very weak. I think I need a break.

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