Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Did he jumped to his death? Pushed? Or slipped? Ah, yes! That is the question. The MRT train service from Yew Tee to Bukit Batok was disrupted yesterday morning on my way to work. I knew there was something wrong when I got off the bus and a multitude of people were trying to get in. That has never happened before!

And then a lot of people started streaming out of the MRT. I knew there must be something going on. But clueless that I was, I still went inside. There was no reason given but the MRT is not running towards Jurong East. I originally thought of getting a bus to CCK or somewhere else but then I figured I'll go the long way and take the MRT to Marina Bay through Woodlands. But even that was difficult as there were way too many people on the MRT platform and there were no trains coming.

So, I worked from home.

It was only later yesterday that I learned about a dead man in CCK MRT that caused the incident. The police are still investigating. It is really frightening because there are no doors on most of the MRT stations. What if you get pushed to your death? Whew! Chilly thoughts.

More details about the dead man in CCK in here.

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