Monday, April 14, 2008



The prompt for this week: Flight

She has been hiding for so long that she has lost track of time. A shaft of light pierced through the dark. It must be almost dawn. She's so tired and she just wants to rest.

She should have not been outside Mr. Clark's window when her mother expected her to be studying upstairs and completing her homework. But she felt suffocated and needed to get out and have a breath of fresh air.

So she found herself walking along her usual path going towards her friend Tammy's house. But she doesn't know why she changed her direction at the last minute and decided to walk over to Mr. Clark's window. Maybe it's out of curiosity and sheer stubbornness. Her parents have asked her and her friends time and again to steer clear of Mr. Clark's place but didn't give them any reason why.

When she peered inside the small apartment, she was horrified by what she saw! A pool of blood was gathering around a body on the floor. And Mr. Clark was cleaning a knife using a white towel, already red from all the blood in his hands. Suddenly, he looked up and was surprised by the face peering through the window. And then he moved and she knew she has to get away from there!

She found herself on a flight to save her life. She ran as fast as her aching feet can. She ran as if there is no tomorrow. So far, she managed to evade him by hiding in the dark and keeping quiet when he pass by. But he knew where she lives and so he is anticipating the path she'll take to get home.

A hand suddenly clamped on her arms and when she looked back, it is Mr. Clark sneering at her and looking angry. She prepared to shout, to scream her head off and somehow hope that someone will hear. But a sudden strange screaming suddenly pierced the air.


Seven o'clock. Time to wake up.


tumblewords said...

Whew! I was holding my breath - thank goodness for the alarm! Well done!

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Hey, I'm glad it was just a dream!
I was really worried..

Suma said...

a fight of fancy...a gripping tale...thank god for te alarm.

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