Saturday, April 26, 2008


In my 36 years, I have been through several betrayals. From family, friends and others. I have always been the type of person that's difficult to be close to. I am very selective about my close friends. Sure, I have a lot of friends but friendship of different levels. My true close friends can be counted on my fingers. That's how selective I am.

But to get by in life, you need to forge a relationship with other people. Different types of relationship. Friendship, acquaintance, etc. And for that relationship to work, you need to build a level of trust. However, sometimes that trust is broken and it leaves you feeling hurt.

Recently, something happened that made me feel betrayed again. And this from someone I never expected it to come from. I think I expected too much and I got hurt in the process.

Things happen for a reason. People do things for a reason. But no matter how justified their action might be, it does not erase the fact that emotions are involved.

I thought I was jaded already and can't get hurt so easily. But I was wrong. I allowed myself to be vulnerable.

Acceptance is the only course to follow. But it will not erase the hurt that has already been caused. No matter how many times the word "Sorry" is uttered, the trust has been broken and will take a long time to mend.

I keep on thinking I would have done the same thing if I was in the same position. But then maybe I won't.


Laarni said...

aww. it is true. you can forgive but you can't just forget easily.

i had a backstabber friend and i just had to let go and I am no longer interested with that kind of person.


Take care!

sasha said...

My best friend of 16 years now betrayed my trust just a couple of months ago. It really hurt me. Our almost 2 decades of friendship was destroyed over money.

You never really know who you can trust these days.

I can feel your hurt. Yes, we can forgive. I can forgive easily. But the hurt will always be there. Maybe in time it will diminish. But the trust will forever be cracked.

I do hope you heal soon.

Angel said...

acceptance is something that I need to work on!

Malou said...

Sis, life is really like that. Makes you realize that you're only human and vulnerable. It's ok because it means you cared enough about that person. Better that, than be immune to any feelings at all, right? Later, you'll realize that this is a good lesson to learn. There's a reason for everything..... Love yah!

Mariuca said...

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Also, something similar happened to me last year. Reading ur post made me realize no matter how long time has passed, it still hurts to think of the betrayal!

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