Monday, February 11, 2008

Pat On The Back

I've been bad for some time because I would start reading a book and then skip it when I find a new book from a current favorite author. It was a habit I've been doing for so long that it didn't really matter if I skipped it 2 times, 5 times or more. I can always go back to it, can't I?

But after my recent reading spree, I realized I need to give more attention to these other books. I read them almost halfway and then abandon them for something else. Nobody wants to be ignored. I will finish these books by February and chalk it as an accomplishment for myself.

  1. Prince of Fire (finished)
  2. Chocolat (reading)
  3. Love In The Time of Cholera (on queue)

I am now reading Chocolat and I realized what a big loss it was that I was skipping the book. I associate it with that great film but there were differences, details that were given life by the book but not by the screen.

So I promised myself I will try not to abandon a book again and not try to read something new when I am in the middle of something. Patience. I think I need to practice more of that.


Leon said...

That's always how it is. The movie never captures all of the elements of the book.

ays said...

hi miss ther..i hope you'll love #3 on the list. it's one of my faves.the movie didn't rate so well with the critics, however. but just the same, javier bardem starred in consuelo na lang :)

Anonymous said...

I read the book a long time before the film came out and was VERY disappointed that the film changed so much. And yet I enjoyed the fil too, just as a different story somehow.

Ther said...

leon -> agree. no matter how much movies try, there are some things that words can express better, can visualize better. Thanks for visiting!

ays -> hi ays! yeah. sometimes it's so sad when the movie rendition turns out to be so bad. i so loved the book 'A walk to remember' but the movie with Mandy Moore was just hilarious and horrible!

a. -> i think chocolat was made great by johnny depp's presence. i love that guy! =)

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