Saturday, February 9, 2008

Love Is....

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It was the day after Christmas and my twin sister and I were traveling inside a bus on our way to the city. The bus driver was speeding really fast and trying to overtake other vehicles. I knew the fast and reckless driving will lead to bad things and I was proven right when we collided with another speeding bus. It happened so suddenly that all of the passengers were surprised. My sister tried to protect me by shielding my head from the bus rail with her hands so I came unscathed. I wish I could say otherwise for my sister. There was blood on her temple as her head hit the hand rail a bit hard. She was busy protecting me that she forgot to protect herself.

It was an unselfish act that came naturally. And that is what I think love is.

I have no thought-provoking photograph that can engage a reader. But this entry is about my sister so I thought she should have the limelight. Love you sis!


Nicole said...

Oh, that IS true Love.
Kudos to your sister!
Glad nothing worse happened!

Kelley said...

That is a great story!

Karen said...

OMG! What a touching story and what a sweet tribute to your sister. You're very lucky to have her!

Thanks so much for playing and get ready, voting starts soon! Good luck!

Write From Karen

Anonymous said...

This speaks volumes for what true love really is... thanks for sharing your story.

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