Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Back In The Gym

After a year of not utilizing my gym membership, I decided to go back again earlier tonight. It was not because I felt I was wasting my money for not using something I already paid for. It was more because of the glaring 2 kilos I gained this 2008.

And as usual, I got something more than I bargained for.

Inside the steam room, one of the girls that just went in suddenly blurted, “It’s hot”. And I was like, “Hmmmm, it’s a steam room honey! It’s supposed to be hot! What the !?!?”

Then after a long wait for an available shower booth, I was lucky enough to get one where the lady that just came out smelled like a person who was dipped in a tub full of onion and decided to stay there for a week. I almost puked right there and then and I was thinking maybe I should go out again and wait for another shower booth to become available. Problem was the line was really long and I didn’t want to wait anymore. It was just horrible that after being in the shower for so long, she still did not manage to get the stink out of her. Really! There is such a thing as soap and shower gel girl. You need to get yourself acquainted with one of them. And fast!


Malou said...

Hwek. hwek. hwek.... =)

Farah Deen said...

LOL i laughed reading this entry. well, i signed up for a gym membership too, and I went for the first 6 months and relaxed for the next 6 months! of course, just last month, my membership expired, and I am not bothered to get it renewed. I have came across similar situations...a girl in the steam room saying "wow, this is hot and steamy" LOL it's like "DUHHHHH" LOL

once, in the jacuzzi, a lady commented that the water is too bubbly! LOL how funny is that, maybe she thought that it was a normal pool and it should't be having bubbles in it! :)

Ther said...

Hi Farah, again, thanks for the visit and comments. Yes. A visit to the gym can be funny at times. he he.

Jaya said...

Maybe the onion smell was coming off that woman's breath, rather than her body? Either way, YUCK.

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