Monday, January 14, 2008

Treasure Hunter


The prompt for this week: Treasure

I love the idea of pirates. When I was young, I used to dream that I was a pirate and I would go out on a hunt for my treasure. I always go around the many nooks and crooks of our backyard, hiding inside a hollow tree and dreaming of my gold and coins.

It was easy then to imagine that my meager digging on our backyard and my aunt’s was enough to bring me wealth beyond my imagination. So we used to dig and dig and dig until our hands got tired and the sun was high up.

We used to find bottle caps with different designs and imagined them to be coins from our treasure. We used to find nails and other metals and thought of them as gold from our gold chest.

Then we started to sell these bottle caps and metals for a little bit of coin and the treasure hunt not only became an adventure but also a way to earn money. I remember waking up early in the morning when it was still dark and most kids were still sleeping. My siblings and our friends will be out and about all over the barrio looking for places for our little treasures.

We ended up digging a lot of metal scraps and bottle caps but we never did find that gold and coins I always thought we would find. But it was definitely a fun-filled childhood filled with ideas of treasure and the grandeur of a pirate life.


Crafty Green Poet said...

sounds like you had a great time!

tumblewords said...

Great adventuring! I looked for buried gold and continued even later in life when I gold panned for a few years...Adventure and treasure might be synonymous...maybe. :) Nice post!

Anna said...

just dropping by to say hi! got to your website from a link @ julia aquino's blog and this is part of a Shai Coggins' 52 Weeks of Blog Community project. take care!

LittleWing said...

oh my gosh, isnt that true...when we were kids we use to dig and dig too...hadn't thought abt that in years...thank you...

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