Monday, January 21, 2008

Read If You Must

Since late last year, I have been reading books left and right. Well, that's an exaggeration. But what I meant is that I have been reading books regularly. As the travel from my place to my office takes me around one hour, I usually read. I prefer that to staring at people who, if you happen to glance their way, would continuously stare for reasons I don’t understand. So, I read.

When my PSP Lite was still new, I was addicted to it such that I bring it everyday and I use it to while away my time. But I realized one day that I am too much of an addict and all I do then was just play. I’ve become a PSP junkie.

So I picked up a book again and read. And boy, was I inspired to read. I have since been reading books one after the other without pause. Which in my opinion is good because I love to read.

There are books that inspire laughter and gut-wrenching pain and every now and then I get lucky in reading one of those.

In watching History channel, I get to learn about things that I want to read more on. Borders has a 30% discount on books up to the 24th of January (3 days from now!) and I hope to buy books about Roman rulers and emperors and English royalties. Their history has always fascinated me and I hope to learn more from books.

Here’s a link to the Borders 30% discount. Enjoy!

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