Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Message In The Bottle

The words for this week are:


He guided the boat along the shore
His small hands slicing through the smooth water of the river
And as he approaches nearer to the dock
His attention was caught by a glint from the sun

Close inspection reveals a bottle
That appears to have traveled far
Its body bears marks sustained through the years
Its once attractive design now hides behind grime

I expected a great plea, a declaration of love
Some message that will touch one’s heart
But I was surprised and my face broke into a smile
The message says, “Two doughnuts for the price of one.”

11 whisper(s):

Norma said...

Lovely suspense and outcome. Smile!

Thanks for visiting.

Rose Dewy Knickers said...

I like that message. :)



The Mama Bear said...

very cute ending I liked it.

pjd said...

amusing conclusion. how often we are surprised by life's simplicity.


tumblewords said...

LOL - it's the old spammers trick! Cute poem!

pia said...

You had me going.

Sherry said...

What an amusing ending -- if I was going to put a message in a bottle and set it afloat, I think it would be something "frivolous" like that too!!

UL said...

very nice message indeed,,,superb!

gautami tripathy said...

What a message!


bag and baggage

LittleWing said...

ohh, that was good!... that life could be so simple...two for 1.. you have reflected that well...

TC said...


That's great :) I've always wanted to put a message in a bottle, and I almost think I like that one better than something deeper. Because sometimes we all need a reminder to laugh at life.