Thursday, January 31, 2008

Looking Good

Here are a few reasons why I think 2008 is a good year. So far things have gone my way.

  • The Travel Voucher - Would you believe it if someone gives you a call and tell you that you won a Trip for 4 to France? Huh?!?! Really? Believe me, I was skeptical. The lady told me that I will receive a letter from Carrefour and I can use the letter to claim my prize. So for a few days I was in suspense. But finally it did arrive. And then I believe. But then a problem arise. The trip can only be taken during a time that is inconvenient for me. Besides I already have a trip planned during that time so utilizing the voucher was not possible. After a few days and a few weeks, I finally sold the voucher. It was not at a price that I wanted but I figured it's better than not getting anything out of it. I was afraid that the voucher will be left unused.

  • The Chocolate Box - In a random draw at the office, I won a box of Ghirardelli chocolate covered cookies. These of course I promptly gave to my team. I know it's a small thing but it was the fact that I won again within the same month that made me think.

  • The Envelope - Not a lot of people were happy with their "news" but I was content. It could be better but I figured with the state of economy all over the world, I should be thankful. And I am.

Now, if only my good fate will extend to the Toto. I could be a millionaire now. You'll never know.... =)

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novz said...

Lucky you! Selling the travel voucher is more practical than availing it.