Thursday, December 20, 2007

The One About The Whistle

My sisters and I met last night for a pre-Christmas bonding especially since our youngest is going home for Christmas and New Year. My sister Malou was aghast about the story of a lady losing an arm to robbers for carrying a Louis Vuitton in Sengkang. I have not seen the whole story but that news brought to mind a story from our Thai team member who mentioned that in Bangkok, they don't just snatch bags, they cut arms and/or hands.

Anyhow, that story prompted my sister Mary to tell another about a newbie Filipina who was chased a few blocks by a guy (I won't say which nationality to avoid stereotyping). This story somehow prompted my sister Malou to say that we really should have whistles to easily catch attention and get help easily. My sister Malou was vehemently swearing to the idea of having a whistle that I had to smile with her answer when I asked her, "Do you have a whistle?". She said "No.". Then she went on again with the benefits of having one and I asked her, "Do you know where to buy one?", to which she answered "No.". Mary and I started laughing just because. Malou also started laughing because she realized how ridiculous she sounded. So the three of us was laughing out loud, going crazy with the idea of The Whistle. It was a good moment and the memory of it makes me smile.

No one else might get it. But I think you have to be there at that time to understood why we found it so funny. It definitely tickled our laughing buds last night. =)

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