Thursday, December 27, 2007


The eve of Christmas saw us at St. Theresa's church in Kampong Bahru where my niece Louise was one of the designated angels who were tasked to open the mass celebration. My niece looked so pretty and so angelic. Pun intended. Ha ha.

After mass, we had dinner with my friend Lakshmi amidst the constant talking of my nieces, especially the little one, Althea. We waited for midnight and passed the time singing. It was fun as we also had the children vying for the use of the microphone. Although the only songs they want to sing were Do Re Mi and Jingle Bells. Yes, over and over again. =)

As midnight struck, my nieces started jumping up and down. So I had to tell them that we don't really jump during Christmas but during New Year. But they continued to jump and shout and was full of excitement because it's already Christmas.

The children made Christmas fun and happy. Lakshmi was amazed with my niece Althea because of her continued talking and demands. Yes. She did say demand. She said she never saw a little girl that is more demanding than Althea was. He he.

The next day, we ended up buying gifts for a few kids for a party we were going to. Well, suffice to say it was a tiring afternoon. But it was a good Christmas party with just a few friends together having small chat and a few drinks and food.

I ended the night trying to be baduy. I watched an old Sharon Cuneta movie, To Love Again. It wasn’t good but it was enough to pass my time. But of course I was laughing at myself at how corny I was on Christmas. He he.

I hope the New Year celebration would be a good one and will be full of laughter from the children. They said noise would drive away the bad luck and only bring the good ones. Hopefully the constant laughter of the children will let blessings in for the year 2008.

Happy New Year everyone!

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