Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Let's do the dance of joy!

I passed my PRINCE2 (PRoject IN a Controlled Environment) certification exam! So I am certified to be a PRINCE2 project manager but the caveat is I am doing production support now. He he. But still. It was a difficult exam, first chance in a long time that I had to write (read: write not type) for three hours.

I was so excited after I learned about it that I tried to gloat to my friend Lakshmi but I forgot that she is currently on vacation in Manila. So I contented myself to just feeling warm and happy.

Yeah, yeah, yeah! What a good early Christmas gift eh?

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fm_london said...

Hi, Congrats on passing your Prince2. I have just started studying for my Prince2. So if you have any foundation exam study guides and mock exam papers would be great. If you could please email them to



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