Saturday, December 1, 2007

Blast The Music Loud

I ride the MRT everyday. One of the things that constantly picque me is when someone loudly plays music from their teeny weeny cellphone.

First. What's the deal with playing the music loud? Do they really think it's cool for other people to hear the corny music they play? It only shows how bad their choice of music is.

Second. If they want to listen to their music loudly, there's this invention called headphone or earphone. You can blast your eardrums away for all I care. Just don't let me listen to your ugly music.

Third. What's the deal with playing loud music from a tiny mobile phone? Can't they hear how bad the sound is and how flat it is? Most music are meant to be either heard alone (using earphones) or through really good speakers.

When I hear someone do this, it irritates me no end. And I form the opinion that these people are those who are in dire need of attention and the only way they can get it is by playing their bad music loudly. Well, they do get noticed alright. But all they get from the people in the train is constant frowning and looks of irritation. It is not really a good way to up your popularity kiddo.

A friend of mine who travelled to Japan said that it is not allowed for people to receive calls in the MRT because they think it's too noisy and impolite. I wish they would think of that in here.

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