Saturday, November 24, 2007

Where is Alisa?

We went to Hooters yesterday for Wena's birthday celebration. It was also Kris' birthday last Thursday. Alisa and I arrived earlier so we arranged for birthday pictures and cakes to be given to both Wena and Kris. We had so much fun guessing Wena's age, what with her glaring at everyone who would even suggest she's looking old. But the best part of it was when we saw the picture below. Alisa, in trying to get into the picture, only managed to show a part of her face. Wena was saying it's a good thing she even managed to get her brows seen. He he.

I look like a ghost at the back. There was just too much light that I almost look like a silhouette. Or you can always say that it's the light from the glory of an angel. *vomiting sound at the back*

And there's something wrong with how Paul is smiling. It's like he's saying "He he. I'm going to get you later." ala serial killer. Anyhow, he does look the part with that silly smile on his face.

Good thing Wena and Kris are looking okay on this picture. Anyhow, it was their birthday celebration so we shouldn't say anything bad about them. =)

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