Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pass On The Cheer

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Pass On The Cheer. That's the advertisement from Starbucks announcing the return of their seasonal Peppermint mocha. I was walking down Orchard road the other day, in a foul mood, when I happen to see from afar an advertisement from Starbucks. I do love their peppermint mocha and usually look forward to Christmas (my favorite holiday) when they start serving this drink. So being in a lousy mood, I figured what better perk-me-up drink than the peppermint mocha.

The drink, as always, is good but although it filled me up and comforted me, it didn't really cheer me up that day.

Now I am in a good mood and having a hot peppermint mocha seems like a good idea. Don't think about the calories and the weight gain. Who needs to be sexy when you're naturally fabulous? He he. Nice line to overcome the guilt from drinking too much of this drink eh? =)

Care for a cup?

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