Saturday, November 3, 2007


The prompt for this week: Money

Her young eyes beseech without a word
Her palms outstretched and waiting for a coin
She begs for mercy and for money
Depending on strangers to survive

The wealth she earns is kept and tightly guarded
From the vultures with heavy hands and stinking breath
They will take all that she has without a thought
If given a glimpse of her treasure trove

She lives each day for that coin or two
Fighting with other children for people’s alms
When she passes by no one notice
The old eyes in such a young child

7 whisper(s):

lluvia said...

a universal truth...!

tumblewords said...

The reality of this piece is stark, tragic and written with powerful words. Nice!!

paisley said...

this was a tragically beautiful piece of work.. i hope the message is not overlooked in the beauty,, as it is the reality,, and stands to become just that more real with the passing of each day......

gautami tripathy said...

A child begging at crossings. A much familiar sight in India. Although begging is banned, it is rampant. However hard we try w are unable to eradicate this social problem.

Crafty Green Poet said...

very true - especially the old eyes...

Secret Agent Mama said...

How sad. :(
You wrote it so well, though.

UL said...

Simple yet powerful, the words keep ringing in my ears, thank you for sharing.