Saturday, November 3, 2007


Adik -> in local Tagalog slang means Addict

My travel to and from the office takes a while so I am really glad I have my PSP Lite to pass the time. If you look at my fingers, there's already a lot of calluses from playing Tekken. Now, it's an old game but I like it a lot. What's funny is that I tend to move with the characters in the game. So if they move to the right, I tend to move as well like I'm forcing the character to move through will. He he.

I know. I'm probably a bit too old to be playing Tekken but it is a very engaging game and it really keep your mind off things. Besides, it's better than having to keep on looking at your surrounding especially when the train is crowded. You end up looking at the same set of faces over and over again. If the person is probably pretty then it's fine. But if you're stuck with an ugly face to look at, what a shame. He he. And it gets worse when that ugly person thinks you're interested just because your glance tend to go to his direction and he gives you this leering smile. What the !?!

So, yes. I love my PSP Lite a lot. I think I will have to change my game soon or I will end up being too violent for real. =)

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cookie said...

oo nga! change your game to something like mario brothers or mappy... we'll keep our distance for now, ok? haha! :p

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