Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Week Past

It has been a week since I've moved to my new place. I think we planned our move better this time because we've managed to finish real quickly. Although I did hear a lot of grunts from our friends who helped us move and carry stuff. They told me I should not buy so much stuff. Ha ha.

Our new place is quiet. Unlike when we were at Spottiswoode where you hear people shouting downstairs talking to each other loudly, here there’s only the occasional discussion from passers by. In Clementi, the sound of the passing MRT train and honking cars is common. Here, the only engine you'll hear is from the vehicles of the residents. So, yes. It is quiet. It's actually great but I guess we got so used to the noise that it now seems surreal to have so much quiet.

I have managed to put up my Christmas tree now. Finally. Now our place looks a bit more festive than the prior one.

I am hoping that we manage to stay here for a while.

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