Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Journey


The prompt for this week: The Journey

Reading the end of a book first is like arriving at your destination without experiencing the journey. I'd rather experience the whole emotion the book may bring. The tears and the laughter, I want the whole shebang. Thus, no one will ever see me reading the last part of a book to get an idea of how the story ends. I don’t want to deprive myself of the beautiful journey where the book will take me.

I hope you feel the same. Happy reading!

5 whisper(s):

Marja said...

I feel the same. Well said. Reading a book can be a wonderful journey

Jo said...

A great take on the prompt. I think it's sacriligeous to read endings first, so I'm with you!

Rebicmel said...

LOL I had a smile with this write. I am an end of the book reader. I am an I want to know the conclusion, then the thrill of getting there for me is exciting. I like to see how it all comes to that conclusion and why they ended it that way. I know I cheat by my poets mind and writers heart usually starts with the ending first.
I enjoyed reading your thoughts!!!

gautami tripathy said...

Nothng can compare with the journey by reading a book.

Well said!

Fenny said...

Yes I confess ... I'm an end of the book reader too ... I just want to know where I'm going before I enjoy the journey ... nice take on the prompt