Sunday, September 2, 2007

Twelve Years of Eternity

The prompt for this week: The End

“I don’t love you anymore.”

She shook her head to clear her mind hoping that she heard it wrongly. But he looks at her with serious eyes and she knew that her ears do not deceive her.

How can he stand there calmly and callously say those words with those same lips that kissed her tenderly not so long ago?

Has he forgotten those promises he gave her in their moonlit walks, his every whisper full of longings and praise? Where are the days of forever after and shared eternity? Maybe she was foolish to believe that it can last forever. Didn’t she say just the other day that twelve years is almost as good as eternity?

She watched him go and started to wonder if his rush to get away is due to a tryst with a new lover. But she realized that she forfeited the right to feel betrayed when she calmly accepted his goodbye.

This may be the end of their relationship, but it will not be her ending. She is far too strong to allow even a great blow like this to stop her from surviving.

She woke up slowly, the constant ache in her heart refuses to diminish even with the days and weeks that have gone past.

It was only the other day that she heard from a mutual friend that he is no more. A letter from his deathbed was delivered to her doorstep yesterday. And the tears have not stopped since she read his words.

“I’m sorry to have left you behind and for saying goodbye too early. But I cannot allow you to see me at the time when my body is already riddled by the disease that threatens to be the death of me. I love you and I will always have our days together to keep me company until Death comes for me. Please do not weep when I am gone for I cannot bear the thought of you crying. Instead live each day with a happy heart and know that I will always be there with you until eternity.”

And so she tries to stop the tears but they have a life of their own. But as they fall she held her head up and tried to conjure a smile. She felt a warm embrace envelope her whole being and she knew that he is there with her.

“I forgive you and I miss you my darling.”



gautami tripathy said...

Life has no happy endings. Whatever it is, it has to go one..

Patois said...

I wonder if she's happier knowing the reason for his departure or if she'd rather he was still alive.

Redness said...

Oh so sad and even more sad, so true! Beautifully written, thank You!

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