Friday, September 7, 2007

Three Two One

This Week’s Theme: A character gets three wishes...

He saw a ball lying on the road and for nothing better to do, he started kicking it. To and fro he kicked it, the simple pleasure of it warming his young heart.

“Oi! Will you please stop doing that!”

Startled, he looked around to find the source of the voice. He is alone in the deserted road so he figured he must have been imagining those words. And so he kicked the ball again, as heartily as he can. But just before his foot touch the ball once more, an angry voice started to boom.

“Please stop doing that and I will grant you three wishes.”

“Who are you? Why can’t I see you?”

“Are you blind boy? I am in front of you. I am the fairy that resides in that ball that you keep on kicking around. You’ve been bringing me farther away from my own familiar ground.”

And so the boy squints closer and was surprised to see a fairy flying close to the ball’s surface, her face a mirror of concentration.

“I had to hold on for my dear life because you can’t stop kicking. And now if you’ll just return me to my rightful place, I will grant you three wishes.”

The boy was delighted and glad with the fortune that he has found. And after a careful thought decided what he wants.

“I want a lot of money, a car and house to call my own. Make it one grand place where I can bring my friends and family.”

And so the fairy granted his first wish and the boy became a celebrity. His family and friends come everyday to celebrate and to party. But he was not satisfied, as he has to sleep too early. His parents always said that a boy needs his sleep so he can grow properly.

“I want to be a grown up, a boy I no longer want to be.”

The fairy swished her magic wand and the boy turned into a man. The boy/man was so happy because now he can party. He can stay up late at night and do whatever he wants. He can dance away the night with every lady he chooses. He can drink as much as he wants and drive around as fast as he can.

But as days past by and his life revolves around the party that he throws daily. He realized that he has become bored and he is now desperately lonely. Surrounded by family and friends, he never felt more alone. He looked back in his memory for the times when he’s happiest. He realized he’s happiest playing outside with his little friends. When they would splash around the shallow pool and run around like fools.

“I want you to return everything to the way it used to be. I no longer want wealth and maturity when my life seems so empty.”

“Are you sure that that’s what you want for this is your final wish. You can no longer ask for anything more once I grant this wish to you.”

“Fairy. I will be happy to be back as a boy for life then is without a care. Being an adult and rich doesn’t really mean you’ll always be merry.”

“Spoken true like a wise boy I grant your final wish. I hope you realize that life cannot be rushed and you just have to let things go through their natural courses.”

The boy returned the ball to the original location where he found it. He made sure that no other boy would chance upon and kick it.

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~willow~ said...

Hmmm, me being me, I'd get technical and say that the first wish ("I want a lot of money, a car and house to call my own.") was already a 3-in-1 wish and therefore the kid couldn't make any more wishes after that :p

I do like the idea of a fairy residing in a ball - why on earth would if have chosen that item, LoL! I totally like the ending where the boy hides the ball safely to prevent other misadventures by other people :-)

Tammi said...

In a ball! What a great idea. Here's another story that I want to tell my daughter. She loves to play ball;)

As far as the man/boy...I think I used to date him LOL.

Funny, I think that the boy made a very grown-up decision at the end...How many men wish that they were a boy again.

gautami tripathy said...

When it comes to the crunch we need nothing. We all want back the life we had.

A good story for children. And adults like me too..:D

Ingrid said...

I like the end, and the morale of this "Fairy Tale" very much.

GarthTrekker said...

You're a gentle writer ... and kind to that fairy! I would have been cruel and once the boy got back to boyhood had him start kicking the ball all over again for more wishes! lol. Good writing. Lyn from Bloggin' Outloud. Thanks for popping by.

S@RZI said...

Publish a book. You have what it takes to be a fiction writer.

pjd said...

Lyn beat me to it! I also would have had him kick the ball around again. After all, that's what he was enjoying when the fairy popped up. Maybe if he started kicking it again she'd offer him three more wishes, and he could wish for two goals, some open grass, and a bunch of other kids. :-)

paisley said...

excellent take on the prompt ther... a little wisdom can be kicked a long way

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