Friday, September 14, 2007

Lost In the Sea Of Crowd

The words for this week are:


His smile has her heart skipping a beat
He wears an original Levi's faded jeans
With all the noise that everyone else was making
He didn't even stop to check what the racket was all about

She stares hard at him willing him to turn
But he was lost in the sea of crowd
Oh what a tragedy it was
To lose him when he’s just been found


TC said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh! No! That's not fair. Sigh.

Bone said...

Aww, how quickly those chances pass us by, and how often those opportunities are missed.

RomanceWriter said...

So bittersweet and good. You made me care about those characters in a very short amount of words.

paisley said...

visceral chemical reaction... i want that....

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