Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Key


The prompt for this week: The Key

A key. That was all that was left for her in her grandmother’s will. She can hear the sniggering sound from her cousins and aunts who have been envious of her from the start. After all, she was her grandmother’s favorite and everyone thought she would be receiving the bulk of her estates.

But as the will was read through from the first page to the last, Caitlin was waiting for a mention of her name that did not come until the last paragraph of the will. It was like her grandmother bequeathed her the key as an afterthought, added at the last minute before she finalized everything.

It didn’t really matter to her anyway because she is now gone. The two of them have always been close, thus the envious attitude of the other members of the family. Her Grammy has always thought the two of them like peas in the same pod.

The key is antique and has an exquisite design that makes Caitlin want to bring out her sketchbook and draw it in. A letter of instruction comes with the key providing some details on where it is to be used. She was directed to go to an old house where her Grammy used to live. It was her favorite place in the world because it was where she shared her youth with her husband of 30 years.

Even when her grandfather died, Grammy refused to live anywhere else. She said she couldn’t leave their memories behind.

When she arrived, she went to the different drawers in the house but the key does not fit any of the lock. She tried the different doors in the different levels of the house but she was not able to find a single door where the key fits.

She was ready to give up and throw away the key when she remembers an attic room that has always been off limits to her. She always wondered what was inside and dreamt of different riches and lavish clothes and jewelries she would find. And her Grammy used to smack her awake when she notices that she has been day dreaming again. A tinge of sadness entered her heart and it made her think of her Grammy once more. She misses her dearly.

In front of the attic door, she crossed her fingers before trying to insert the key. And it fits! Woo hoo! Finally! She will now have a chance to find out what was so important about this room that her Grammy used to forbid everyone including her from entering.

With her heart beating fast, she stepped inside the room and was surprised to see that it has been transformed into a great ballroom. A party is in progress and a lot of people were dancing. Women in pretty colorful dresses with their coiffed hair and perfectly made face. Men in breeches looking dandy all over the place. Paintings from different masters are adorning the wall of the great place.

She thought she’s dreaming for how can this be? She seems to have been transported into a time when Princesses and Princes and Dragons are part of every day things.

As she looks at herself, she noticed the white-gloved hands where her callused hands used to be. And instead of the shabby clothes that she donned earlier, she is wearing a dress made in gold color. The jewelries adorning her dress were enough to compete with the Queen of England’s collection.

She turned around and saw the door where she came from and wondered what would happen if she returns to the other side. Out of curiosity, she passed through the door again. And was surprised to see everything go back to normal.

She enters the room again and this time she saw the gate at the Colosseum in Rome, the details exact as how her Grammy used to describe it. Now she knows why her Grammy seems to know so many places and why she has a different story to tell every time. She used to retire away for an hour or so always implying she needs her “alone” time. Now she knows where she always comes to and how she spends those times.

Oh what a delightful gift the key was from her Grammy. Who would have thought of what wonder it brings! Now she can go wherever she wants, each entry will bring her to different beginnings. Maybe tomorrow she’ll visit Paris or the different temples in Thailand. Or maybe a glimpse of the old Rome will show where gladiators abound.

She has so many places she wants to go to but can only imagine them one by one. If you have the same key that can open up to a wonderful place, where would YOU go?


lissa said...

What a wonderful gift - a key to go anywhere in the world. A gift of the imagination, I supposed.

btw, I think the dark blue background with the black text is a bit hard to read, maybe a lighter blue. Just something to think about, hope you're not offended by this.

Ther said...

thanks lissa for visiting.

and thanks for the comment regarding the color. i thought it was already light blue, ha ha. =)

i have been surfing for a new template actually but haven't found one that i like yet.

Rebicmel said...

Oh my goodness, I got here to read your write and realized you and I wrote on the same subject. Different endings and adventures but with grandmothers in thought. I so enjoyed this write and loved the adventure it took me on.

Karina said...

This was very nice. Not at all what I expected and yet, exactly what I expected. If that makes any sense! ;-)

Jo said...

I love the imaginative power of this piece. What a wonderful place that would be!

tinker said...

A key to a room that travels the world - how wonderful! I liked visiting the ball, the best - depending on when you entered the Colliseum it could be rather scary there at times, lol.

tumblewords said...

I love the magic of this piece and the imagination that creates a time machine.

Marja said...

I was full of anticipation when starting the story and got what I wanted. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have an attic like that. Thanks

paris parfait said...

Oh, wouldn't that be wonderful - just to turn a key and go wherever you'd like? Hmmm, I've always wanted to go to Chile. Lovely thought.

Hedwyg said...

Wonderful piece - and imaginative! :-) Welcome to Writers Island, Ther. I love your self-description.

odessa said...

i'm loving peru right now, so i guess that will be my first choice. =)

ann said...

what a delightful story...

I would love a key to take me back to a better place and time than the one I'm in now... aaaaah!

Fenny said...

What a nice story and how great would it be to own such a key!

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

I would let it be a surprise, I think. This is a great story.

Clare said...

Hi Ther! I had the most wonderful time reading your beautiful story!! Grammy gave Caitlin the most precious of all gifts -- and I love how you said "each entry will bring her to different beginnings" -- that is so very cool. Bravo!

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