Thursday, September 6, 2007

Deserted Beach

The words for this week are:


The big sunglasses are perched on his perky nose, the frame too big for his small face. His mother sits beside him on the beach, the sun warmly shining down on mother and child.

Oh how he wishes to run far and wild but for the arms of his mother keeping him firm at his place. She envelops him in her warm embrace as she tries to sneak a bit of rest.

Every week the pair can be found in the same patch of the deserted beach, the song of the waves their only company. He will be trying to roam around while she tries to sleep, her dreams full of wishful thinking.

She runs away from her husband of ten years, his voice echoes even when he’s afar. He uses his fists to pound his belief into her head, thinking her a simpleton. For so many years she endured his brutish ways, never once disagreeing. But year after year of bruises and pain can never dull the grief.

He’s been a loving husband once, true to his promise on the day of their wedding. But all that changed so suddenly when they lost their second child. She was her daddy’s angel, his favorite right from the start. They were inseparable like siamese twins.

One night the pang of illness visited her and she was never the same again. Little by little she lost her grace until one day she finally succumbed to the call of death. The drinking started that night and the beatings shortly after. His fist visits not only her face but his son’s little body too.

And so they escape in that deserted beach, each week a refuge from all the pain. They both don’t know when it will end, both wishing the short reprieve would last till eternity.


gautami tripathy said...

Life is so cruel at times..

pia said...

The last paragraph gives it a great twist

Michelle Johnson said...

Your short story was a nice offering for 3WW and I can only hope that the mother and child will escape further than the beach someday. No one should have to endure such a terrible life. Especially a child.

Have a nice day.

lissa said...

How sad. Very realistic how you described the situation.

Nancy said...

The beginning started off so full of summer fun and watching a child love the beach. And, then all the pain and sadness.

I really liked it.

TC said...

I kept hoping that they would truly run away and stay away.

paisley said...

oh ther,,, this is so tragic... not only her,,, but her son as well... grief can be an enormous thing.. but there is no excuse found even there for abuse...excellent

Manky said...

What a sad story, but I also felt anger for a woman who would subject herself and her child to that kind of abuse. Unfortunately, this kind of story will always be relevant.

Bone said...

Wow, when this started off I was thinking a nice, light, warmhearted story about a mom and child at the beach.

You delve into so much here, drinking, abuse, a favorite child.

I have no tolerance for a man who would hit his wife or anyone who would abuse a child. Ugh.

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