Saturday, September 22, 2007

BD - 1

The Sentosa Luge and Skyride. Part go-cart, part toboggan, pure excitement....

That was what their advertisement says. One would wonder, do they deliver?

So we tried this new ride in Sentosa today. It was something my sister Mary tried before and recommended we try as well. We figured we should try it once to see what it is all about. Of course I didn't know that this ride includes a Skyride and I only learned of it after we bought the ticket. Well, I am not sure really if I would have backed down but I would definitely be a bit more hesitant.

The ride up was good even if it frightened me a lot. It brought back sweaty palms, cold sweat and pounding heart into the scene. I would have enjoyed the ride a lot it if I was not busy either closing my eyes to avoid looking down the ground or gripping the hand rail hard for reassurance. But it was done and over with before I knew it.

We were given initial instructions on how to use the luge before we were allowed to proceed. After the intructions, we were given free rein. And away we go! It was a bit frightening and exhilirating at the same time because the luge can be very fast and one might feel out of control. I enjoyed it a lot! I have always been known to drive way to fast (I have at least two accidents to attest to that). So it was a ride that is made out of my own heart's desire.

The brochure says Once is never enough.... and I think they know it well because we did came back for another ride. The skyride was not as freightening anymore so I was more relaxed on the second ride. But the second luge ride was as good as the first one and the speed was as addictive as before. But alas, after the 2nd ride, we decided we should stop as it is already dark and it might not be a good idea anymore to go back for another.

We ended the night with the "Songs Of The Sea" show. It was a good ending and my nieces enjoyed it a lot. They even sang loudly when the crowd was asked to join in for the song "Singapura".

And so that is how I spent the day before my birthday. I wish my sister Mary was there with us for it would have made the day more complete. Anyhow, we have another celebration tomorrow and she'd be able to join us then. Hopefully it'd be as fun as today was. =)

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