Saturday, September 15, 2007


This Week’s Theme: Write a story, poem, or essay from the point of view of an inanimate object.

My life is full of romance, my family encompassing different origins. My mother dabbles in history and showed me the magic of Egypt. My father runs with the horses and leans toward the country. My younger sister focuses on fables and prose and everything that rhymes. My cousin is a computer junkie, he can explain almost anything to me. And there are so many others in our line of tree that it is difficult to enumerate each one.

Everyday I want to complain about the condition that we are left in. Scarred, vandalized and left behind, but we stay true to our origins.

At the start you would love us and treat us like royalty. But once you’ve had your fill, you discard us so quickly. Once you would grip me tightly, trying to convey the intense emotion you feel. But that is now all gone and you pass me by without recognition.

Oh how long you have waited to get me in your arms. You braved the sun and the heat and endured the long line. How quickly you examined me, trying to dissect my mystery. But once all is revealed, oh how quickly you left me.

My ears are scarred through the years and my face is no longer as attractive. But no matter how my outer looks change, I am still the same.

Sometimes I twinge when I see my family being mistreated. How easy for them to slam us around and put us in just about any space they can find. Then there are those who would open us up so widely, like an acrobat making her splits. But what you don’t understand is that after that, we are no longer the same.

I wonder how I can convey clearly what I want to say. Should I keep my mouth shut and not allow a word to be uttered? Or should I shout and shout until someone starts to listen?

We need the same thing that you need, a loving glance and a soothing hands. We need to be respected for who we are and not be left behind.

I wish you would learn to appreciate the story that I bring. I wish you can understand the knowledge that you gain.

We might be just mere books but we also have feelings. All I’m really trying to say is please take good care of me.

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Paul said...

The only thing worse than having books that you ignore is having books that you not only ignore but have never read - something I'm very guilty of. I buy faster than I read.

I hope my own private library has no complaints. I like to think I've given them a handsome home and treat them well...

paisley said...

awwwww.. and mine are ever so neglected... i do know they are unhappy.....

tumblewords said...

Oooh, how sad for books! They are mistreated. I enjoyed reading this post - you have a pleasant style!

gautami tripathy said...

Books win hands down. We do discard certain books after reading. I empathise.

I like this!

SuseADoodle said...

Books! Yes, books have feelings too. Great POV!

Steve said...

I like the way you put that!
Gets one thinking

Jo said...

Nicely written. I have been guilty of the odd dog-ear or margin-mark. That said, I never give them away, but keep them forever.

Robin said...

I prefer to call mine "well-loved" rather than battered and dog-eared. The don't always look pristine, but they've come by it honestly.

I really enjoyed your piece, and your phrase "in our line of tree" - brilliant!

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