Monday, August 20, 2007

Suspicion almost killed the cat

On the prompt "Dear Diary" from Sunday Scribblings,, I started writing and found myself almost completing an article before I figured that I should be writing something that actually happened to me. My imagination ran away ahead of me and I didn't want to waste my effort so I figured I might as well post it here.

I saw him today. At the corner of the street, waiting for the red light to turn green so he can cross over to the other side. He swept his wind-blown hair in a manner that is so like him that I can’t help but smile.

Walking a few steps behind, I allowed him to lose me in his sight as I don’t want him to realize that I am stalking him. I saw him turn left, walking in a haphazard fashion but in such a hurry that he would have passed his surroundings in a blur.

Then I realized belatedly that he is carrying flowers. I stopped in my tracks and my heart beat faster when it suddenly dawned on me that he might be meeting a woman for a rendezvous.

I felt a pain in my chest and I wondered if I am having a heart burn or a heart attack. Such was the pain that I had to stop and sit in a chair while I try to recover.

My phone rings as I was about to go. It was him, checking where I was. Maybe making sure that I do not discover him.

I stood up, determined to find him again. Going through the maze of the place, a throng of people are out and about. It is a place that one could get lost to if unfamiliar or if you’re not careful about the turns you make.

Framed by the sunlight, I saw him seated at our usual place. I walked slowly, savoring the picture he portrays.

As I come closer, I suddenly became aware of the flowers at one of the seats. I was confused but I seated myself beside him.

My confusion was doubled when he presented the flowers to me, a brilliant smile pasted on his face.

It then suddenly dawned on me. I have forgotten that we agreed to meet that day, he was insistent that there be no delay.

I felt chagrin that I thought the worse when he was thinking about me.

The next part of it was a blur. I saw him reach inside his pocket and in his hands I saw a small black box. He opened it and there I saw the most beautiful ring in the world.

He has asked me to marry him on that day, the day when my trust was sorely tested. A test that I easily failed.

As embarrassed as I was about my suspicions, I still wholeheartedly said, “Yes.”

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