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This Week’s Theme: Create a character in a genre you would normally avoid.

Her mind must have been engaged with something important because she never felt his presence for a long time. She did not feel his avid stare as he watch her undress. He hid himself inside her closet, the slats in the door allowing him to breath easily and also get a good view of the outside.

She never had a visitor, that he knows because he has studied her moves. At around 10pm, she will arrive carrying a bag of Chinese deli that she would have bought at the Chinese store at the corner. Being a trusting person, she never look around and check for any signs of danger before entering her building door.

But he was a careful man. And so he went in earlier and decided to wait inside instead of following her in when she arrives. He figured she might shout and attract other people's attention. That will not do, definitely not.

And so he follows her nakedness as she saunters into the bathroom. For a while he lost her in his sight, as the door was half closed, limiting his view.

She went out after a while, but now with her bathrobe on. It was red and silk and this only fired him to be bolder. He went out of the closet and present himself to her, expecting a welcome, a smile.

But what is this? Her eyes bulged like she has seen a ghost and her mouth started to open and close like a fish out of the water. And then when he thought that was the last of it, she started to scream so loud that he was sure she has waken up the whole neighborhood.

"Anna! What is it? Are you okay?"

Her neighbor heard her scream and was vehemently pounding on the door.

She rushed outside to open her front door and assure Miguel that she's all right.

"Sorry Miguel. I am okay. I was just frightened because I thought I saw a ghost."

"Do you want me to stay here with you and keep you company?"

"No, it's okay. I'll be okay. Thanks for the offer. Good night."

She closed the door and pressed her forehead as she tries to calm herself.

"I know you are here Joshua because I saw you earlier."

And he was glad because it seems she did see him. But then he realized, why did she scream?

"Oh honey, you just don't know how much I missed you. It is so difficult to live without you."

What did she mean by that? I am here, am I not?

"How many times have I wished to see you and be able to talk to you once more? And when I saw you again, I never thought I'd feel such fear."

She's very confusing.

"But I think I understand now and I will not be afraid. Please show yourself, I want to see you one more time."

He walked over and stood in front of her, ensuring that she sees him.

He reaches out to touch her face but his hands seem to just go through her and did not make contact.

This is so confusing. Why can't I touch her?

And then the memory started to come, of the night when everything changed.

They were driving using her car and stopped at the traffic light near her place. The light went green and he started to pass through the intersection. He never saw it coming. The big truck that was trying to beat the red light. It hit him just as he was thinking what a peaceful and clear night it was. He remember seeing himself lying in a bed with Anna crying and shaking him continuously.

So I am dead. He finally accepted it and understood it all. And with that realization, an extremely bright light shone and almost blinded his eyes. He felt himself being pulled away against his own volition. Closer and closer it brought him to the source of the bright light. And he understood then that he’d never see her again, so he whispered in her ears "I'm sorry for leaving you. But I'll love you for eternity."

The last image he saw was of Anna convulsing into a heart-wrenching sob.

I am already late but I thought I should still give it a try. I started this with the idea of molestation and murder but it somehow evolved into a ghost and love story. I am a slave to my imagination and I go where it brings me. =)

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Fledgling Poet said...

Very good read...I enjoyed the twist, and the moment when I realized he was a ghost!

lissa said...

I thought he was a stalker not a ghost! I guess he didn't realize that because he hid in the closet. Nice story.

Tammi said...

You put in a couple great twists in this piece. I thought he was a stalker, too but realized with the "welcoming smile" he expected that it was a game...Never suspected his being a ghost.

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