Saturday, August 18, 2007


This Week’s Theme: Sleeps cocooned in bedsheets or blankets

It’s her first winter and she shivers as the cold hit her again.

She misses the sunny Sunday mornings when she can drink coffee at the porch and just wallow in the warmth of the sun. Thinking about it just makes her miss her home more and rekindles her secret longing to go back.

But she can’t. Not until she makes her mark and achieve what she came here to do. She can’t go back home empty-handed with nothing to show for all the pain she left behind. She took all the money she can grab and bought a ticket to this cold, snow-filled place. All the time thinking this is where success is. She can’t be more wrong.

She sighs and rolls into more blankets to keep herself warm. It’s the only way she can sleep. Each morning she wakes up stiff from being cocooned for far too long but the only other option is to suffer the cold the whole evening. The discomfort seems to be easier than to feel like a Popsicle in the morning.

Each day she dreams of her sunny Sunday mornings spent lazily with her family. And how she wish she’s there right now instead of trudging through inches of snow on her way to work. But the only thing that she can really do, is dream.

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tammi said...

Very interesting that the woman seems to be giving up warmth (and comfort) in order to achieve success. Very nicely done!

lissa said...

Winter days just make you want to stay in bed. She sounds like a lonely soul who misses her family.

paisley said...

poor girl.. i know how she feels tho,, i am from south florida,, and even tho it isn't that cold here in northern california.. i freeze!!!! good write.. glad to see you here

liz said...

I wonder where this place is and what the character does and why she couldn't have done it where her family is. The story invites questions because it IS inviting and relatable, as if reading a letter from a friend far away.

pjd said...

Now I'm very curious what success she was after, and why it would be found in such a place. Or if it's not, then why she thought it would be. Interesting piece.

gautami tripathy said...

Sometimes with success come loneliness. Very well told here.

Webster said...

Nice images. I gather that she did some not so nice things to people that she loved in order to persue her ambition and now she can't return without succeeding at what she set out to do, if only to justify her actions. I also like the comparison of the warmth of home to the cold exile of her present existance.

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