Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Free 100 Dollar Anyone?

My sister gave my contact information to Marriott and I found myself in front of one of their people listening to their sales pitch talk. The lady who originally arranged it told me that if I came that night, I could have gotten myself a S$150 voucher instead. I had a meeting already planned that night so it was not possible for me go that day. So one Saturday afternoon, I found myself inside their sales room and getting lulled into thinking of buying Marriott time-shares.

The idea is simple. Buy timeshare points that you can accumulate through the years and they also get renewed every year. For a certain number of points, you can get a free air ticket and certain number of days of free hotel accommodation in any of the participating 5 star hotels anywhere in the world. It was tempting in a way because it means you can travel anywhere anytime you want as long as you still have enough points to use. This means at least one journey once a year or once every other year.

The guy who was talking to me explained it well so much so that I almost found myself buying their time-shares. Good thing I stopped and reminded myself that the main reason I was there is for the free 100 dollar vouchers. I honestly don't really need to go there but I figured what's one hour plus of my life compared to the free vouchers? I think I have already gotten the mindset of the Singaporeans where freebies are always something we look forward to.

I wasted one hour plus of my weekend but I got myself the free vouchers to buy anything I want from Takashimaya. I think that's a good way of consoling myself into justifying the wasted time, don't you think?

So, do you want the free 100 dollar? As long as you're ready to accept an onslaught of information for at least one whole hour, I think this can be done. To Takashimaya here we come!

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cookie said...

Haha! We spent around 3 hours for a sort of a presentation and sales pitch for marriot a couple of months back just to get that $100 voucher. The sales peeps were tough!!! They were really digging into why we were having a hard time deciding, and offered to "help" go around what's keeping us from buying. I almost fell for their offers too! Good thing my friend pulled me back to focus on the voucher, but we had to pretend to talk to somebody on the phone waiting for us at the lobby for a movie just to get away! But $100 in takashimaya is not much... we spent it on groceries. :)

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