Thursday, August 2, 2007

Cocktail Dinner

Earlier tonight we had dinner with a few newly hired Technical Associates (TAs) and the respective managers of each TA were there as well. We were each given a name badge to allow us to identify each other easily. I placed mine at the lower left hand side of my blouse as I said putting it on my chest would ruin my necklace’s design.

Food was aplenty and pleasant conversation was free flowing. The TAs took the time to get to know each of the leads from the different teams and the leads did the same. It was a networking dinner party and it was good I came.

Our TA seems so sweet and sure of herself. I’m glad. Hopefully she will be able to adapt to our team quickly and find the work enjoyable and challenging.

I left ahead of the other managers as sleep slowly creeps in causing me to yawn continuously.

I walked over to Citilink and found myself at MPH browsing for new books. As I walk away, I suddenly realized that I still have my nametag on. I was horrified! I had that tag since I left the meeting room in Suntec and walked a long distance and crossed path with a lot of people.

Maybe that was the reason why people keep on looking at me. And here I was congratulating myself for dressing well and getting good attention for it. Ach! Vanity defeats me.

1 comment:

cookie said...

hahaha, sablay! sayang ang necklace, natalbugan ng nametag. :p

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