Monday, July 9, 2007

The Unit

Warning: Spoilers ahead

This is a TV Series that I didn't think is this good, but I was proven wrong. Let's just say that we started watching it in the early evening and we managed to get to CD 3 by early morning. There's only 4 CDs for this series so by tonight, we should be able to finish watching the whole season 1.

It's almost like 24. It may not be as past-faced but it is as exciting. It is the story of the men who works in a special force handling situations that's usually dangerous and involves a lot of casualties. It requires cunning, self-reliance and good teamwork. Each member of the Unit is good at what they do. It is a series that has a good formula: comedy, family, thrill and it gives a person a sense of pride. I am not sure if what they are depicting in this series is true. All I can say is if it is, then these men are great at what they do.

It's so nice to watch them go from one place to another and kick butts along the way. These are soldiers of a different breed. The best one. But they are not allowed to discuss or publicize their work for security reasons. The story revolves around the lives of their family as well and how their constant absence affect each woman, how each handle the time they have on their own.

I consider this as now one of my favorite TV series. Watch it and get to know why.

For a bit of introduction to the Unit, go here

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