Saturday, July 28, 2007

True Lies

Papa Bear said that here in Singapore, the Filipino IT community is so small that it is actually next to impossible to keep a secret. He is referring to the fact that you tend to know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone. The list goes on.

I guess secrets cannot be kept a secret forever. But I guess you would worry about this only if you have a skeleton in the closet that you don't want to be brought out.

What was the favorite expression of Dr. House? Everybody lies. So one way or another, we all lie. But there are different ways of telling the truth or telling a lie. There are lies that are blatantly expressed and the ones we call a white lie. Then there are truths that will never be a lie because we never utter them, we never expose them. For who in their right minds would voluntarily let out a skeleton in their closet? Okay. I guess that's not entirely true since we know there are some people who do let out dark, dirty parts of their lives out in the open even if it is a truth that does not need to be announced. Some people are like that. Blatantly exposing themselves to the world just to see if people will react. Crazy.

But keeping a secret is always difficult. Paranoia creeps in and constant suspicion is the name of the game.

And then there's the fact that telling a lie gets you into a messy web of distrust that in the end, even when you're telling the truth, you also doubt yourself because you have forgotten the real from the lie.

Wouldn't it be weird if everyone who lies grows long noses like Pinocchio? Of course, this will be troublesome for some of us since the MRT and buses will probably be filled with chaos if you see people with long noses walking around or people in the train or buses happily lying away while their noses continue to grow. Brrrr. That idea gives me the creeps.

Nifty as the idea of identifying a chronic liar through the length of a person's nose, I don't think it is something I would want as well. To be honest, and I promise I am not telling a lie, I like my nose as it is.

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cookie said...

haha, very well said, Ther! Natawa ako sa thought about the MRT full of long noses.... :)

Yeah, there are indeed a lot of crazy people out there who'd want the whole world (even in the www!) to know their own and others' deep secrets, fishing for reactions. :p I'm really not for waving everything out in the open, but sometimes you just have to defend yourself and keep things in perspective, and from getting out of hand. hehe ;) Some psychos just tend to lie sooo much that they forget what the truth is (or was). HAHAHAHA! Anyhooo....

Hey, i looove your new blog color! (or matagal na ba to, quite some times since i last blogged). Pero hmm... greens or earthy colors are more 'you'. :)

Happy weekend!!! :)

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