Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Training Makes You Fat

I finished two days of my four-day training. And I think in that two days I spent at the Grand Hyatt, I gained 5 kilos. Or I feel like it. There must be some hidden conspiracy to fatten up people who are taking training. Either to get them to think about food all the time or for them to hate the idea of food so much that they don't notice the actual training itself.

They start you off with those morning snacks that usually always include mini cakes. Now, I mention mini because these buggers make you think that it's okay to eat two or three pieces because they're so small! Of course the calories do not lie. The snacks might be small but they still pack the calories with them.

Then there's the lunch. And it's the whole enchilada. Bread, soup, salad, main course, dessert and then there's the coffee. I have taken more coffee in the last two days than I have the whole of last week.

They will then lull your senses with a bit of learning and course exercises until it's time again for the afternoon snack. And voila! Those little cakes are back there again, different flavor but still with the same calories.

You want to stop yourself from eating, really. But you end up doing so because of peer pressure. Ummmm. Yeah. Believe me. I was forced into eating it.

The scales do not lie. The bulges tell the truth. So yes, training does make you fat.

Train at your own risk. =)

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