Friday, July 13, 2007


At the end of June, just before we watched Transformers, we ventured into Gramaphone at The Cathay. I like this video/music store because the price is usually lower than HMV or Laser Flair or Carrefour and they have extensive stocks as well. I knew even from the start that they have rentals but I never took the time to inquire about it.

On that day, instead of buying a $27 DVD, I signed up for a one-month membership with Gramaphone. And so far, I find that it is a very good deal indeed.

The Good
- Unlimited movies at your fingertips
- You save at least $300 per month if you calculate the price of buying the DVDs against renting them out
- New releases are available for rent as soon as they are out
- You get to rent 4-7 discs of a TV series as part of your membership

The Bad
- Membership can only be utilized in the branch where you signed up. To rent in another branch, another membership fee has to be paid

Rules and Requirements
- Singapore Resident (Citizen, PR, EP holder, Work Permit holder)
- $30 for one-month or $75 for three-months membership
- Members can rent 3 movies or one boxed series
- New releases has to be returned in three days
- Boxed series' return is dependent on the number of discs
- A $2 fine per disc will be enforced daily for a late return
- All borrowed discs must be returned before new ones can be borrowed

I did finally find a good way of not spending money while enjoying it at the same time.

So. Tip #1 to save money: Rent.

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