Monday, July 23, 2007

Passing Time

Time is never enough. No matter how I try, I can't seem to finish everything that I want to finish. I know it's impossible and I know when to stop the insanity that wants a part of me to stay and push and push until everything's complete. But I know it's an illusion. No matter how much time we spend in the office, the work will never be done. Something new always comes up.

How does one balance life between the office and at home? Can you really say that work does not affect you, that you can easily drop it once you are at your own door?

And as a leader, don't you look for ways on how to make things easier for your team? Woe to the leader who manages or plans things for his/her own personal benefit for s/he might find one day that the benefits become his/her own undoing.

All good leaders want a happy and satisfied team. For they will work productively and will get the work done.

My team is one of the best there is. A group composed of both the confident and unsure. A group of hardened old timers and newbies still fumbling through the tunnel of knowledge. But what makes this team the best is not because they can get things done. What makes this team great is because they get things done with great camaraderie and pride in what they do. These are not just workers who toil daily because of need but also because it is a matter of pride to perform well.

The expectations are high but the reward of friendship and knowledge is greater.

So maybe I won't complete my work daily but I rest easy knowing my team handles things well. They are far from perfect but no other leader can ask for more.

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cookie said...

Haaay... how I envy your group, always helping each other instead of acting like crabs just for personal motives (yknow what/who i mean, hehe. is it a culture thing?)... Good thing im with a new team now. :) Ampunin mo kami!

Side note... good teams mainly come from good leadership. Naks, magaling si madur theresa! Pero sorry ka, difficult work/life balance -- price to pay for being a HEPE-ng-mga-HEPE-ng-mga-HEPE!!!

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