Saturday, July 7, 2007

iPhone vs. N95

There is such a crazy clamor for the iPhone in the US when it went on sale at the end of June. People end up queuing overnight to ensure they get their share. What’s with the hype, you’d say. Let’s try and examine it here then.

There's a fair share of people who fights for the Nokia N95. I am currently using an N95 and I love this phone. With its 5MP camera, it's like having a phone and a camera at the same time. Sudden 'photo' moments are easy with this phone because it takes great pictures. Sure, it has 3G and GPS but I don't really use it. I also do not use much its other features. I am able to synch it up with my Mac including the calendar entries I created so it was okay. I sometimes take a look at the maps it contains but it's not a feature that I often use.

For the iPhone, the 2MP camera does give me pause but I realized that you can still take decent pictures with that. The battery life is promising to be better, 8hrs of talktime is great. And one has the option of a 4GB or 8GB memory. My N95 currently only has 1GB memory and it's already enough for my need since I usually download pictures after I take them. My ipod Nano has a 2GB memory and I'm able to put in a lot of my favorite musics on it. So just imagine your phone and your ipod combined into one. And with the MAC OS behind it, it's like having my Mac on my pocket. Synching up will be a jiffy. And design wise, I think people will agree that the iPhone wins over the N95 hands down. There's also the fact that the same apple widgets you have on your Mac can be available on your iPhone.

So, yes, I am a fan of the N95 too. But when push comes to shove, I think I'd choose the iPhone anytime. When the iPhone arrives here in Singapore, I just might be one of those people queuing up for a chance to own one.

iPhone vs. N95 in GSMArena

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