Thursday, June 28, 2007

Scandinavian Journey

The past few days, I've been trying to scour different bookstores for travel books to Sweden. Sad to say that there is not much from the Times bookshop I went to and the ones I saw from Borders, however many, is not enough for me. Sure, there is a lot of information about Stockholm but my friend lives near Gothenberg and it’s so difficult to find books with good details about that place.

Some of the travel books I saw only allot 10 - 15 pages about Gothenberg. And a few of them are pictures. As the travel books are not cheap, I decided to hold off and not buy one until I am satisfied with the info it provides.

There’s still Kinokuniya in Ngee Ann but looking at their online bookstore, the same set of books offered in Borders are there and nothing new. So I guess I’ll be left to do my research online in the wonderful world of the web.

Okay. I still have to get confirmation from my friend that I can stay at her place for the duration of my visit so nothing might come out of this. I do have a standing invitation to stay with her when I go to Sweden so I guess my fears might be a moot idea.

The thought of traveling again brings a certain excitement in my blood and it makes things more interesting.

Here’s hoping that I get to realize this plan and get a chance to explore the world again.

For Sweden – With the Times
(Sweden's Motto)

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