Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The NOT So Wonderful World of Blogosphere

I'm getting bored of reading the entries in the blogosphere. Nothing seems to be that interesting anymore. Or was it just the idea of the new that made it so much more fun to stalk the different blogsites of friends of friends and friends of enemies? He he.

I used to read a lot of sites regularly. But these days I end up just looking at the blogsite, check if the entry is interesting or just another rant and move on without even reading. Boooorrriiiiiiiinnnnnnnnng.

Blogging is still an outlet for me. Good if people agree with some of my entries or share my happiness or woes. But I guess what I used to find entertaining has lost its shine.

Is there nothing left to write about? The creative juices have been sucked dry and there is nothing left but half-hearted entries that do not give justice to the once brilliant writers that I used to read daily.

Anyway, that's just me. Maybe some people enjoy reading about daily rants from bloggers but anything in excess is not nice in the long run.

I will still probably continue to look around and stalk the other blog sites (he he) just to see if I will see some glimpse of the creative geniuses of the bloggers I used to read daily.

Maybe. Maybe not. Let's see.


Jaspitz said...

Hello, Ther! When you're in the mood, you may want to check out my recent post on Peopleized.com. If you click on "Euripidis" towards the end of the post you'll find yourself tagged in that interview. Hope it makes your day somehow.

cookie said...

Tumpak! I'm not saying that I'm a good writer coz I'm not! I just use the blog as an outlet too, pampalipas-oras when bored, and to catch up with longdistance friends... but hinay-hinay lang (some go overboard and pour out too much info&emotions in poor taste like that hating the family thing, etc, dabah?). But well, mahirap talaga maging ofw, were away from family and close friends to really share everything e, so you can't blame them.... The bloggieblog's always there for venting. :) Gud am!

Ther said...

jaspitz, thanks so much for the tag. yes, you're right. it did make my day. =)

cookie! congratulations sa iyong convertion. definitely well deserved. galing galing mo eh! =P

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