Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Veronica Mars - Defy The Norm

Warning: Spoilers ahead

So there is a new TV series that I am spending a lot of time on: Veronica Mars. Didn't really take much note of it when I first saw it but it kinda grow on you. The story revolves around Veronica Mars, high school student, one of the not-haves. The high school is a place where the haves and the not haves go together. Veronica used to be part of the "in" crowd but a tragedy involving her best friend turned her from the sweet little girl to the sarcastic "I'm afraid of no one" assistant PI for her father.

I love their signature song "We Used To Be Friends" from The Dandy Warhols. Hear it here....


Jerome C. Herrera said...

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mayang said...

like this series too though haven't watched its most recent episodes lately

jst droppin' by, nice blog :)

Ther said...

Hi jerome, thanks for dropping by. I'm now a member of the Pinoy Penster Community. Thanks for the invite!

Hi mayang, thanks for the visit! =)

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