Thursday, May 17, 2007

Three To Go

I'm having a hard time deciding.

You've got Melinda, a professional backup singer whose whole life is singing. She’s great, she’s got the voice and she knows how to play it up to deliver a wonderful performance.

Jordin, the ’17 year old’ (they seem to like pointing out that fact too much), has the voice, the charisma and the drive to win over the hearts of anyone watching.

And who wouldn’t love Blake? He’s got his own style that differentiates him from all the others. Not as strong vocally but definitely fighting it out when it comes to entertaining us and providing a solid number.

Jordin’s performance tonight could have been better. The only thing that distinguished her tonight was her last song that Simon seem to think is ‘too old’ for her.

Blake’s performance is always an entertainment and I just love watching him with his ever-smiling face and groovy moves.

Melinda is the winner for tonight as she easily performed all three songs very well. I like her voice but I really don’t find her too appealing. I sometimes think she’s one of those smug people who pretend they’re humble but are actually gloating inside.

I think one of the slots for the finals of American Idol will go to Melinda. Her performance tonight warrants that. It’s difficult to figure out though who will be her competition. I really hope it is Jordin because she has always been my favorite. But I also like Blake almost as much as I like Jordin.

So, it’s a dilemma. Good thing I don’t need to vote or it’s probably going to take me a long time to make that decision. I can’t wait until tomorrow to find out how the American viewers voted.


Ther said...

Surprise of all surprise, Melinda was cut from American Idol today. Funny I don't feel sad for her. I just know that it leaves me with Jordin and Blake and that is fabulous! I'm excited about the finals now. It will be interesting with the two of them having totally different talents. I can't wait until next Wednesday. :)

Malou said...

Yeah, I wasn't surprised. I was shocked! I never thought Melinda would be ousted. But it seems the American people love Blake more than her. I like Blake because he's refreshing and cute but let's be honest here, he doesn't deserve to be in the finals. His voice is nothing compared to Melinda and did you notice that he's always dancing the same way? I mean, it's the same steps every week!

I disagree with you Sis about his performance last Wednesday. There's nothing special there. I felt that he doesn't deserve the praise Simon gave him on his last performance.

Anyway, here's hoping that the American people will choose Jordin coz I believe she really deserves to win.

Ther said...

I know Melinda has the voice and Blake's voice cannot even be compared. But Melinda doesn't have the same appeal as Blake. And we all know that for an artist to be really successful, it's not just the voice, it's the overall package. She has improved though from being a shy little mouse to someone who is confident about herself. But I still don't like her no matter how good her voice her is and I can just imagine that there are people out there who feels the same.

I do hope Jordin wins too! =)

Apol said...

I love Jordins voice! :) Hehehe.

Malou said...

And so.. America has voted.. Jordin is the winner! Yahoo!!

Just to comment on the Finale show... it's not as good as the past Finals show. Why? I think it's because the finalists are not matched. It would really have been a very good finals if only Melinda got the cut. Actually, I felt like I'm just watching the top-12 competition. Except of course when Jordin sang the 2nd and 3rd song. I don't like her first song. Although she sang it beautifully, I felt like she's not at ease with the song... Now, with the 2nd and 3rd, well, as the result have shown, she's a real winner!

Blake was only good for the 1st song and only because he has to do some boom box thingy (not sure what they call it). Although the 2nd song seems ok, it's not worth the finals. Of course, who wouldn't notice his uneasiness while singing the 3rd song? My God! It's like he's being choked on the stage! Hahaha....

Anyway, I'm just glad that Jordin won and not Blake coz although his music may be fresh and entertaining, he really doesn't deserve to win (even the finals lah!).

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