Saturday, May 5, 2007

JP Morgan Chase Run 2007

Two years back, I managed to clock in at 1hr 10mins. Janice was my partner walker then. This year, so as not to disappoint myself, I estimated to finish the race at the same time. I didn't have any practice, except for that one 45-minute walk/run/jog using the treadmill. I figured that I should be ready for this since the walk from the Raffles place MRT to ORQ and vice versa is enough practice for a walker like me.

We were ambitious as we placed ourselves inside the "Under 40mins" zone. Joy was my partner walker/runner/jogger this time. And so we ran, walked, jogged, walked, ran and walked a bit more. There is not enough room to run so we sometimes end up just walking fast. The air is heavy and it was sometimes hard to breathe. But we toiled on despite these conditions.

At the 5KM mark, we took some time to have our pictures taken (yes, we are very happy to have arrived at that point). As we near the end, we can feel the adrenaline rush giving our tired feed additional strength to run. And so we ran as fast as we can and shouted with joy as we reach the finish line.

This year I clocked in at 55mins 32seconds. Not bad, not bad at all.

Check out the pictures here.

JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge Singapore

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