Sunday, May 13, 2007

I Am My Mother's Daughter

My mom is not the type to open up and share her emotions with her daughters. We are close, in our own way, but we don't say "I love you" freely. Only in letters was she able to express her emotions to us directly.

But she adores all of us. You can ask around the barrio and the adjoining ones and you'll know that my mother always discuss her children. When I was traveling regularly before, the auntie from the most remote side of the barrio will know about it. I felt shy about that. But my cousin made me realize that it's my mom's way of showing how proud she is about us. She's happy doing that so in the end we all just accepted it.

In a way, I am my mother's daughter. I don't open up too easily to people and I am not the type to show too much emotion. When my friends, my cousins or my sisters tell me verbally that they love me, the only response they usually get from me is "okay" or "uh huh". It doesn’t mean that I disregard what they are saying. I am just not built that way.

My mom is the most generous person I know. One other trait that I think I got from her. She gives away almost everything that she can. She would even give away the last money she has if she thinks someone else needs it more than she does. It angers us sometimes, but then we realize that she’s innately like that and there’s nothing we can do about it. So we just accept it and allow her to do her deed.

Martyr doesn’t cut it to describe my mom when it comes to love. She’s the type that no matter how much hurt she has received from one person she will always defend that person no matter what. And this is yet again another trait that totally shows me as my mother’s daughter. I just know that one day I realized that keeping anger and hurt inside your heart will turn you into someone you probably don’t want to be. I live for the day so even when I am terribly hurt, I forget about it because every day is precious and should not be wasted being angry. Why waste your day seething in anger over something when you can be happy sharing it with friends or loved ones? I forgive easily but woe to the person who abuses that.

One memory that I will never forget about my mother was the time when I was sick with high fever. I remember going to the doctor with her, worry all over her face. The doctor said that if I don't get well overnight, I might need to go to the hospital. In my dazed state, I was still able to remember that night. My mom never left my side. Every time I wake up, she's there beside me, continuously praying over me and reading the bible aloud. I was near death with my fever going as high as 41. My mom never left me alone and made sure she's always the first person I see whenever I woke up. When I recovered the next day, my mom made sure that I thank all the saints I can thank and offered a thanksgiving mass in my name.

She may not be the most expressive mom out there but she shows us her love in her own way. So on this mother's day, I in turn would like to thank her for being my mom. Happy Mother's day Mama!

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.

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