Sunday, May 27, 2007

GSS 2007

The Great Singapore Sale for 2007 has started last Friday. And for a person who is supposed to be limiting her credit card spending, I think I am losing that fight. Here's hoping I'm able to control myself enough to avoid going over my limits again. Maybe I should go on a two-month hiatus while the sale is on. Or maybe I should just do window shopping without my credit cards.

There was this article I read where the writer suggested that a confirmed shopaholic should freeze his/her credit card. Then when we are ready to buy anything, we can defrost the card. During the time that we wait for the card to thaw, we might change our mind about buying. And thus, a good way of controlling your spending. I wonder if I should consider that.

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Malou said...

Hehehe... that's nice. As I was telling Joel, it's GSS again! And I feel like an addict. But I'm able to stop myself on buying things I don't need. Suggestion sister. Bring your credit card only when you need to buy something. Carrying it along gives you the temptation to buy things. Although it's not good when it comes to emergencies but believe me, it's effective. Conz gave me that idea and well, so far it's effective. Nowadays, I buy things I need... like the new blouses I bought in G2000. I need new blouses coz it's really hot and well.. they look good.. hehehe.. Kidding aside, just try it for a day or two. Sometimes when you say I'll buy it tomorrow or later, when that time comes, you've already moved on or changed your mind, so big savings, huh?

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